1. Register

  1. Click Register Menu
  2. Input Nisit ID
  3. Assign Password and Confirm Password
  4. Input Name Lastname
  5. Input e-Mail
  6. Click Submit Button

2. Login

  1. Click Login Menu
  2. Input Nisit ID
  3. Input Password 
  4. Click Login Button

3.Join Meditation

  1. Click Join Meditation Menu
  2. Input your infomation
  3. Click Confirm for the Confirmation Meditation Practice
  4. Click I Accept
  5. Click Submit Button

4.My Practice Meditation Info

  1. Click Nisit Menu
  2. Click  To Do to examine items that students have to amend their submissions or inform remediation (if any).
  3. Click on Meditation Practice info To check information about your practice
  4. Click Edit Profile To edit your usage information
  5. Click Submit Button